Clear Lake Environmental Action Network (CLEAN)

PO Box 926, Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423. Phone 707-998-0135, Fax 707-998-2180


What is the Clear Lake Environmental Action Network (CLEAN)? We are a community group formed in July of 2003 to ensure concerned individuals a full participation and understanding of the proposed EPA mitigation efforts at Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine in Clearlake Oaks, CA.

The Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine (SBMM), located just off of Sulphur Bank Drive on the Clearlake Oaks shoreline, became an EPA Superfund Site in 1990. It is one of the major contributors to mercury contamination in Clear Lake. Yet despite becoming the largest mercury Superfund Site in the nation, many in Lake County remain unaware of the situation. The EPA has taken initial steps to remediate the problems, but it is a long and costly process.

CLEAN members consist of Lake County residents, property owners, concerned individuals and businesses. The focus of CLEAN is to involve the community of Lake County with the SBMM Superfund Site. 

CLEAN's purpose and mission statement is:

  • To ensure that the community has a clear understanding of the EPA mitigation efforts at Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine (SBMM) in Clearlake Oaks, California;
  • To provide a forum for concerned individuals to keep informed on activities, discuss their needs and concerns, and have input on the future reclamation/uses at the site;
  • To provide ongoing education and information to the public on the remedial efforts, the associated health hazards to the community, and impact on the local ecology - particularly Clear Lake; and
  • To streamline interaction with local government, the EPA and the Lake County community.

With the aid of a community technical advisor, CLEAN plans to gather & disseminate information, monitor & publicize EPA remedial actions, and to provide a public forum where community representatives can discuss their interests & concerns with the EPA. CLEAN intends to perform public outreach on the SBMM Superfund Site by publishing and distributing newsletters, maintaining a web-presence, quarterly public meetings, contact with local government, ongoing dialog with local media, presentations to interested parties and disseminating educational information at local events/fairs.

CLEAN has five members in the Board of Directors. They include:

Chuck Lamb (Chairperson), Bill Rhett, Judy Barnes, Holly Harris (Secretary/Finances) and Colleen Beardsley. 

To contact CLEAN, please email us at We can also be reached at CLEAN, PO Box 926, Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423. Telephone 707-998-0135. Fax 707-998-2180.